Why study in Russia?

In the early 9th century Russia was inhabited by Slavic tribes. In the late 9th century Vikings forged them into a nation centered on Kiev. (The Vikings first captured Novgorod in 862 and Kiev in 882). The new nation was called Rus and in time its Viking rulers adopted native customs and language. They were assimilated into Russian society.

2000 the Russian economy grew strongly (at about 7% a year) and poverty declined. Russia suffered badly during the recession of 2009. However Russia soon recovered. Today Russia is increasingly prosperous. Russia joined the World Trade Organization in 2012. Today the population of Russia is 142 million.

MBBS study in Russia is extremely popular in India due to the fact that, way back in 1996, the Indian students who were passionate to become doctor started traveling here. The admission process is comparatively lenient and accesses students overall performance without any entrance examination.

  • Russia has a long and rich cultural heritage
  • Russia is a very diverse country
  • The courses or studies you choose in Russia are globally recognized.
  • Excellent education at a low cost.
  • It's an amazing place to live

Universities In Russia

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Dagestan State Medical Academy

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Siberian State Medical University

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First Moscow State Medical University

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Russian National Research Medical University

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Irkutsk State University

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